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The solar cooking machine.At Tran Ngoc Hoang School

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"WINDY"stands for "Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development for Youth" and is a training program on environment protection for junior-high and high school students in the rural area. In the two and a half years since 2011, there have been 6 training sessions with the cooperation of schools and the local communities. The aim of WINDY is to teach junior-high and high school students and youths to practice practical improvements in environmental protection and to promote environmental protection activities in their daily life.

With the understanding and cooperation from schools, Youth Unions and People’s Committees, participating students and youths will be able to have the opportunity for learning how to make improvements which will lead to their active interest in environmental protection.

WINDY Achievements Workshop in Jan 2017!!WINDY achievement workshop Jan. 2017
10 schools' improvements upload!!Bui Huu Nghia High School


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You can download 2 WINDY booklets !!

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3 technical areas of the WINDY PROGRAM

In the WINDY training program, environment protection is taught in three technical areas.
1. “Comfortable and healthy environment” is for improvements in daily life and learning,
2. ”Environment friendly agriculture” is for improvements in sustainable agriculture,
3. “Community cooperation for Reuse and Reduce” is for improvements in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, which are highlighted in environment protection, and for cooperation among family members, neighbours and friends.