achievements11 of WINDY Vietnam


Tran Ngoc Hoang High School 1

Attach signs or Vietnamese languages easy to use and distinguishable.

22.jpgAttach labels to seasonings.DSC09784.JPGAttach labels to seasonings.IMG_0199.JPGAttach a label to the bookshelf. P1020336.JPGAttach labels to the desk.

Use safe and fresh water.

water.jpgkeep drinking water safely.DSCN0194.JPGkeep fresh drinking water. DSC09746.JPGKeep hyginic water.23 -2-2013 176.jpgKeep drinkng water safely.

Environment friendly agriculture.

IMG_4417.jpgUse cmpost for planting.1.JPGLong boots should be used while muddy farm field.

Attach signs to electricity.

DSCN0166.JPGAttach danger sign to the electricity.DSC09774.JPGAttach labels to the electric switches.DSC00019.JPGAttach labels to the electric switches.danger sign.jpgAttach danger sign to the electricity.