Introduction of WINDY Vietnam


The Mekong Delta, which is about 40.000 square kilometers in area, is known as the widest and richest delta in ASEAN. And in Vietnam, it is considered the biggest granary providing 60% of the nation’s rice. Besides, the Mekong delta is also famous for different tropical fruits such as durian, coconut, banana, pineapple, dragon fruit…

Although the Mekong Delta is the prosperous land by nature, it faces many disadvantageous conditions caused by floods, tornadoes, landslides and high tides. Adding to these, the environment of the Mekong Delta has been severely damaged step by step by the irresponsible behaviors of some people with the dumping in places which are not allowed to dump waste.

In order to protect the environment and to promote the sustainable development, the Can Tho Medical College and the Tokyo Occupational Safety and Health Center in Japan, will continue to cooperate with schools and the local authorities in Can Tho City to implement WINDY (Work Improvement in Neighborhood Development for Youth), the programme to protect the environment based on community development cooperation.

The WINDY program with one-day training courses is mainly targeted at school teenagers. In the training courses, student participants will study and discuss items of solutions for environmental protection, and then make and present their action plans for making low-cost and self-made improvements at home or in school.

On this website, the WINDY coordinators uploaded good examples of environmental protection done by school teenagers. It can be a useful tool for people who are really interested in environmental protection.

We do hope that all of you will make action plans for yourselves and your family after seeing the achievements in the WINDY website. Finally, we expect that sustainable improvements of the WINDY programme will contribute to making a strong breakthrough in the near future for the environmental protection in the Mekong Delta.