solar cooker of WINDY Vietnam

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Solar cooking manual

Solar cooking is a very interesting cooking way only using natural sunlight. The materials of a solar cooker are reusable materials such as an old cardboard, an empty beer can and an used plastic bottle.

In the WINDY workshop, we always cook boiled eggs by solar cookers made by the participants and we can know about the usefullness and importance of natural sunlight. This is a good opportunity to learn environment protection.

1, Preparation


1, Collect materials. You do not need collect new materials.
2, A parabola line is important to the sun beam get concentrated to a focus point. Please refer to the formula.

2, How to cut a cardboard

1, Cut a cardboard into two parts.
2, Describe a parabola line and make a focus point on one of the two cardboards.
3, Stand the inner sides of the cardboard and fix it along the parabola line by adhesive tapes.
5, Cover the inner side of the cardboards by aluminum foil.

3, How to make a can for a boiled egg

1, Cut top of vivalage can and paint it with black color.
2, Put water and a raw egg into the can after paint has been dried.
3, Cut a big plastic bottle in half.

4, Setting a solar cooker and how to take a boiled egg

1, Put the solar cooker outside and expose it to the sun.
2, Put a can at the focus point and cover it by wrapping film.
3, Cover the can by a plastic bottle.
4, Wait for about the 2 hours.
5, Check water temperature 2 or 3 times. (Temperature will increase to nearly 100℃)
6, After 2 hours, take out a boiled egg carefully. (Hot water may burn your skin)

5, Let's have a boiled egg !!