NEWS2014 of WINDY Vietnam

The second achievement workshop on January 11, 2014



 The second achievement workshop was held on January 11 at Hanh Phuc Hotel in Can Tho City. The invitees were education officers of Can Tho City, Thoi Hung Commune Peoples’ Committee members and teachers and students of Trang Ngoc Hoang High School and Junior High School and the number of participants was 51.
The representative of GREEN, Dr. Thoai made a report on WINDY activity and its achievements. Vice-principal of Trang Ngoc Hoang High School and Junior High School, Mr Dung, the first secretary of Thoi Hung Commune, Mr Phoung and Ms Ngoc of the Youth League also introduced the achievements of WINDY.


Ms. Tokiwa and Ms. Osada of the Japan Fund for Global Environment introduced their organization and showed the 20 years anniversary video of the Japan Fund for Global Environment. When they told that the information of WINDY activity was disseminated world-wide, the students raised a loud cheer. Then the representative of the students reported on their follow-up activities after the WINDY training.
Finally, there was a discussion and comments from each organization. The main points were as follows.
1. Have a Vietnamese page in the website which is under construction.
2. Spread WINDY to Cambodia and Thailand, and other countries with similar problems as in Viet Nam.
3. Increase the number of teachers in charge of WINDY and maintain good educational environment.
4. Implement Training of Trainers to organize WINDY as a part of public education in Can Tho schools.
5. Get support from the stakeholders in schools and the community.

The WINDY Training of Trainers Workshop on 22 March 2014


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