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GAME of technical session

Interesting game which describes the meaning of the technical area

IMG_1922.JPGEgg carrying game shows the meaning of good materials handling. When we conduct each technical session of WINDY, firstly we always conduct a game for icebreaking and go on explanation of each technical area.
Through performing an interesting game, the participants easily understand the meaning of each technical area, and they can concentrate to the explanation of trainers and the group discussion.

The 3 kinds of games corresponding to the technical areas are as follows.

Egg carrying game (for the technical area: Comfortable and healthy environment)

IMG_1925.JPGThe participants are carrying raw eggs by the egg -carry- case.(The socond trial) IMG_8391.JPGParticipants are carrying raw eggs by dish.(The first trial)

1)Aim;Knowing the way how to carry safely unstable objects, and learning the usefulness of good solutions through the exciting game experience.
2)Preparation;Eggs (10~12 pieces), a dish、an egg-carrying case, a stopwatch
3)How to play;Let participants know how to carry fragile raw eggs stably. Carry raw eggs first on a dish, and then in an egg -carrying case in a relay of all participants.

Confirm the difference in time and stability between the dish and the egg-carrying case by measuring time.

Color marking game (for technical area: Environment friendly agriculture)

P1030122.JPGA pupil divide bottles into safe ones and danger one by reading labels.(The first trial) P1020505.JPGThe facilitator is explaining how to play color marking game.

1)Aim;Attach bottles different colors regarding safety and danger. Then divide bottles into safe ones and dangerous ones. Thus we learn simplicity and importance of color-marking through bottles-dividing-game.
2)Preparation;Small bottles attaching label such as “Sugar”, ”Salt”, “Agrochemical”, ”Petro”, etc. (Use empty seasoning bottles), Color stickers or a magic pen (green and red), a stopwatch
3)How to play;
①The player divides bottles into safe ones and danger by seeing labels, and the trainer measures the time.
②The trainer check the result whether the player divided them correctly or not.
③Attach color marking of safety and danger on bottles by color stickers or a magic pen.
④The player tries again, and the trainer measures the time.
⑤ Compare the time between ①and ④.

Waste classifying game (for technical area: Community cooperation for reuse and reduse)

IMG_8464.JPGFacilitators evaluate the result of classification.IMG_2024.JPGDifferent 3 garbage boxes are delivered with many garbages to each group.

1)Aim;To understand garbage of combustible, noncombustible and recyclable materials and classify them.
2)Preparation;Garbage boxes (3 for each group), garbage(papers、cans、plastic bottles, etc.)
3)How to play;
① The trainer informs that there are 3 types of garbage such as combustible, noncombustible and recyclable materials.
② To classify garbage and put it into each garbage box accurately. 
③ Compete speed and accuracy between the groups.