Achievement21 of WINDY Vietnam

Giai Xuan top.jpg

Giai Xuan High School

IMG_0029.JPGMaking a pencil stand.dipper.jpgA water dipper by cocunut shell.handmade clock.jpgHandmade environment 2.jpgGreen environment.

broom.jpgmade a broom by plastic bottle.small lamp.jpgSmall lamp by reusable glass bottle.grow vegetables.jpgPlanting organic vegetables.artificial flower.jpgArtiificial flower.

dustbox.jpgCollect used paper for bottle.jpgKeep water fresh and environment 1.jpgGreen environment 3.jpgGreen environment.

IMG_0437.JPGSave electricity 1.jpgSave box.jpgMade moneybox with bright box.jpgShoes box using used paper box.

IMG_0468.JPGA storage for small study tools.IMG_0509.JPGDecoration at the study corner.IMG_0510.JPGCollection of plastic bottles.indication of electricity danger.jpgElectricity dangerous sign.

IMG_0480.JPGA pupil expressed her decision of environment protection. logo for environment protection.jpgA pupil expressed her decision of environment protection. labeling 3.jpgAttach labels.IMG_0441.JPGAttach labels.