The role of WINDY of WINDY Vietnam

The role of WINDY

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Dr. Kazutaka KOGI

The WINDY (Work Improvement for Neighborhood Development for Youth) program has been developed in the Mekong Delta by international cooperation. It is aimed at promoting environment protection activities by youths in rural areas by applying participatory action-oriented training (PAOT). It is encouraging that PAOT methods that have been successful for improving working and daily life conditions in small enterprises and farm households in Asia and other developing regions now prove equally useful for involving youths in improving environment protection in rural areas.

To know this progress, we can just look at the photos from WINDY workshops by junior-high and high school students and the photos showing many improvements done by these students. Broad-ranging improvements are achieved by applying low-cost improvements learned from local good practices. Group discussions conducted within the short workshops with a clear focus on simple solutions have led to these many practical improvements. We can easily understand the value of participatory training involving young people. Youths can achieve such meaningful improvements by participating in the WINDY activities voluntarily.

Heartfelt congratulations on the successful progress of WINDY! We can have a high hope that the WINDY activities will spread from the Mekong Delta to many parts of Asia and other regions relying on the energetic power and wisdom of youths. This spread of practical improvements in daily life is surely in line with the spreading impacts of participatory programs for improving working and daily life conditions of people in Asia and elsewhere. We look forward to the similarly influential impacts of WINDY actions blowing into rural as well as urban life in many parts of the world.