The GREEN launched the preparation of the WINDY expand program.

Collection of environment-friendly good examples.

IMG_0594.JPGDr. Toai shows traditional good examples to the Japanese delegate. IMG_0764.jpgThe evaluation meeting of 2014 FY. (23 March 2015) The GREEN has carried out collection of environment-friendly good examples. WINDY expand program will facilitate students who live in rural areas and urban areas in Can Tho City. Since WINDY program which conducted from 2011 to 2013, developed training contents based on students’ daily life in the rural areas, we need new collection from urban areas in creating new WINDY textbooks.

Traditional environment protection good examples were collected in Giai Xuan Hamlet.

IMG_1485.JPGA farmer explained special herb of insects prevention. IMG_0031.JPG Water quality check by using young bananas.

Since September in 2014, the GREEN with an expert of environment protection education of Can Tho University, visited Giai Xuan Hamlet where located in suburban area in Can Tho City repeatedly in order to collect environment protection good examples which used in local communities as traditional cultures.

This is one example of traditional environment protection. This farmer examines water contamination by using young bananas. The water-color will be changed in a few minutes if a cup of water contaminated.
This farmer planted special herbs which harmful insects like to eat. So they can protect agricultural products from harmful insects.
Thus the GREEN was able to collect traditional environment protection good examples including 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) issues.

Visiting schools for the WINDY TOT program preparation.

IMG_0668.jpgAn environment protection poster of Luong The Vinh Jujior high school.IMG_0644.jpgAn environment protection activity at Giai Xuan High school.

On 19 March, the GREEN visited the Giai Xuan high school and the Luong The Vinh Junior high school with the responsible officer of the department of education for the final preparation of the WINDY Training of Trainers workshop. On the way to the Giai Xuan high school, they dropped in the Giai Xuan Health Center.
Stimulate young generation by utilizing local community network is one of the important theme of the WINDY expand program. Giai Xuan Hamlet is actively carry out community cooperation and exchange. Since villagers had trained WIND (Work Improvement in Nighbourhood Development) which is work improvement program for farmers and quite similar program with WINDY, they recognized the meaning of WINDY program immediately and they introduced to us the principal of the high school. The principal welcomed the program and he promised to join WINDY TOT workshop.
In the Luong The Vinh Junior High school, the principal mentioned that environment protection issues are very important and already they taught in the school curriculums. However she said that WINDY is unique new program of participatory teaching style, as they can apply to their environment teaching.
Every school showed to us environment protection good examples which had already done by students.

IMG_0678.JPGA memorial photo of Luong The Vinh Junior high school.IMG_0636.JPGWINDY expand meeting with teachers.
The WINDY TOT training will be carried out late in April after getting the formal permission by the department of planning and investment of Can Tho City.