WINDY expand program Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop report.

On 25 and 26 April, TOT workshop was organized and got fruitful results.

DSC00974.jpgThe first TOT workshop in April, 2015
Thank to the support of Japan Fund of Global Environment, GREEN team at Cantho Medical College (CMC) could conduct the first Training Of Trainers (TOT) course for the project. The course was organized in 2 days (25, 26 of April, 2015) at Cantho Medical College, that was a short time to open a TOT training course, but the organizers could do and had a great program.

WP_000405.jpgThe group discussion results.The lecturers from CMC, Can Tho University and Can Tho Medicine and Pharmacy University were professional and knowledgeable. With their facilitation, the principles of Participatory Action Oriented Training (PAOT), and its important tools were sharing. The participants had to contribute all of their energies and any strange or new ideas for the program. So, there were a lot of useful things noted after the program.
Through the technique of PAOT, everything seemed to be easy for participants to get and apply into their daily teaching.

DSC01020.jpgThe teachers awarded a certification.DSCN0247.jpgThe teachers awarded a certification.

In addition, with 24 enthusiastic teachers who came from Luong The Vinh Secondary school and Giai Xuan High school, gave a good contribution into the success of the program. They gave lots of useful information for the program such as how to apply the program into their teaching subjects at schools.
Most of the important subjects of this program were explain carefully such as, (1) checklist exercise_structure and modification; (2) Good practices_meaning and collecting: (3) Technical inputs_designing and explanating; (4) Implementation of Improvement_ facilitating and action planning and (5) Group work_controlling and acting. Therefore, the participants could follow easily. The course principles and illustrations were also really supportive to know. As a result, the participants could gain the ideas and apply them correctly in their routine teaching.

IMG_1733.JPGA memorial photo of TOT workshop.
Besides, the facilitators played important roles in this program. They didn’t lecture directly, but they devoted all of their abilities not only in each special subject but also in discussion section of the participants.
Everything was prepared carefully including set up schedule, copied materials, decorated the seminar, prepared mass-media equipment, tea break, and certificates. They were so perfect with the support of the GREEN team members. At the end of the training, all participants’ comments were collected by individual forms for the improvement.
The high school teachers are so busy, so this training course fell on weekends. This was a problem for participants to join after a hard working week.

Some participants who lived far away from training venue, they had to have rest after lunch in the seminar room. In addition, too much information that needed to transfer just in 2 days was also a big challenge for all of the members.
Since the time is a considerable problem, a good solution could be the making of condensed theories. In fact, this program’s purposes empower learners more active in their behavior. So, the participants should do and practise more instead of acquiring many things.
Supporting fee of accommodations at lunch time for the participants who live far away from home is necessary so they will study more effective.
Hard workings schedule same as any typical PAOT training. However, this is a successful program that we have ever had, so we should respect and improve more for the next time.