WINDY workshop by teachers' initiative held on 6 and 7 June.

Students of Giai Xuan High School and Luong The Vinh Secondary School actively participated.

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Follow the success of the first Training for Trainers (TOT) course for High Schools’ teachers, Can Tho Medical College (CMC) continued to open next program called: “WINDY expansion for School Pupils”.

The courses were organized in 2 days (6, 7 of June, 2015) at Giai Xuan High School and Luong The Vinh Secondary School.
The teachers who participated in TOT played an important role in these courses. They had to apply Participatory Action Oriented Training technique for their students through every technical section.

The delegates are from Training and Education Department, Can Tho Medicine and Pharmacy University.
This training course consists of five sections:
(1) Checklist exercise
(2) Comfortable life and Environment
(3) Health and Agriculture friendly environment
(4) Adaptation from Climate change and Reduce – Reuse and Recycle (3R)
(5) Implementation of Improvements and action plans

Group Discussion 4.JPGGroup discussioneach st has to give  short-long plan.JPGWINDY workshop in Giai Xuan High SchoolClosing Ceremony.JPGThe participants andteachers.

There were 17 students from Giai Xuan High School and 18 students from Luong The Vinh Secondary School.
Schedules, training materials, WINDY booklets, decorated the seminar, cake and mineral water and certificates were so perfect with the support of the GREEN team members. After the training course, participants wrote their individual plans (short and long term). Performing plans were really necessary; therefore, students read their plans aloud so that everybody could hear.

Two days passed by, both teachers and students got many useful things. All expect a future with many improvements from students.

Ms. Kim Phung (GREEN team member)

DSCN0630.JPGThe participants of Luong The Vinh Secondary School.DSCN0632.JPGThe participants of Luong The Vinh Secondary School.DSCN0583.JPGWINDY in Luong The Vinh Secondary School.