Achievement32 of WINDY Vietnam

Luong The Vinh top.jpg

Luong The Vinh Junior High School

fast aid box 2.jpgFirst aid box at the wall.flower pot 2.jpgFlower pot using used bottles.flower pot.jpgFlower pot using used bottles.dustbox 2.jpgDust box for reuse and recycle.

water supply 3.jpgGreen grass and water supply kit of used plastic bottle.switch indication.jpgElectricity for tools.jpgStorage for for tools 2.jpgStorage for stationary.

green environment 4.jpgGreen environment at the outside of window.IMG_0647.JPGElectricity danger sign.IMG_0658.JPGGreen environmemt.IMG_0665.JPGLabels to seasonings.

pen case2.jpgPen stand by plastic bottles.indication of electricity saving.jpgSave electricity.IMG_0667.JPGCollect bottles for recycle. pen case3.jpgpen stand by used paper.

015.jpgRoom decoration.IMG_0687.jpgBook ends by used-papers.IMG_0691.jpgMade a pen stand using a plastic bottle.022.jpgMade small containers.