The second and third Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop held in September.

Can Tho Medical College co-ordinated with the Education and Training Department of Can Tho City to open 2 classes for the project.

201509TOT2.jpgPhoto of the 3rd TOT course201509TOT1.jpgPhoto of the 2nd TOT course

The second TOT: was organizing on September 26-27, 2015 at CMC with 25 participants who are from Ngo Quyen Secondary School and Luu Huu Phuoc High School (O Mon District).
The third TOT: On October 03-04,2015 at CMC with 26 participants who are from Le Binh Secondary School and Nguyen Viet Dung High School (Cai Rang District).
The lecturers of TOT are specialists who have experiences in PAOT and Environment from CMC, Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Can Tho University with the support of the facilitators from CMC GREEN Team. As a result, the 2 classes are very successful.

201509TOT5.jpgDr Toai, a key lecturer of the training.

The contents of the training course

Opening Ceremony and warm up activity: Self introduction and group setting (divided participants into 4 groups and selected group leaders.
Practice: Action checklist: The structure of action checklist and practice at a pupil’s house
Technical Section 1: PAOT group work and group work facilitating.
Practice: The first group discussion following checklist exercise.
Technical Section 2: Theory and achievement of the PAOT programme.
Technical Section 3: Good practices and how to collect good practices.
Technical Section 4: Technical section inputs and how to present a technical section input
Listen to a WINDY technical section input: Comfortable and Healthy Environment.
Technical Section 5: Implementation of improvements and action plans and how to present it.
Participants’ Practicing: 4 groups presented 3 technical section inputs and Implementation of Improvement section with commencing from other participants and facilitators.
Technical Section 6: Follow up, achievement workshop, SIC (Small Inexpensive and Clever) contest: preparing, organizing and expanding them in your school.

banner tot2.jpgPhoto of school discussion to find ways of conducting WINDY at their school201509TOT4.jpgNguyen Van Nghiem - Deputy Head Teacher of Luu Huu Phuoc High School expressed his feeling and impression

Key discussion issues

(1) How to organise a WINDY training in your school?
(2) Setting up main steps for integrating WINDY teaching with daily teaching.
After studying the technical sections and group discussion, the participants got more useful knowledge of the program, the ways of teaching WINDY as well as how to encourage pupils’ improvements and to collect achievements from the pupils.
Through active discussions by working in group, the participants showed many good ideas for integrating teaching methods at their schools. From now on, this program will be more expanded, the pupils will have more improvements. However, these improvements are not affected to the students’core studying.

201509TOT3.jpgPhoto of a TOT closing Ceremony Especially, with the instruction of the leader of Education and Training Department, the Head Teacher, Youth Union leaders of each school also participated as members of the training course. Therefore, they could understand important contents of the program and quickly decided how to plan the programme at their schools. All of them contribute great effort to deploy this project afterwards.
The leaders of the Education and Training Department of Can Tho City really cared during the time the two training courses occurred. In fact, the key members were appointed to follow closely the classes, to take roll call, and class meetings. So, the two training courses launched very serious and got high quality.
After finishing two days of TOT, these schools planned to open WINDY on November, 2015. Can Tho Medical College will co-ordinate with the Education and Training Department of Can Tho City to continue any activities to make sure that the project is carried out as planned.

Dr. Nguyen Phuon Toai (The director of GREEN)