We could say that was a beautiful day for all to come to the training course. After one day of hard working, all of teachers and students got many useful things. All of things were well-prepared.

201511TOT1.jpgThis was organized on November 7, 2015 with 28 students divided into 4 groups and more than 10 teachers that was trained in TOT ( October 3,4) also coming to the school for this special day.
Thank to Mr. Man– Deputy Head teacher of Le Binh Secondary School, he gave suggestions for each teacher to gain experiences before the WINDY carried out.
The WINDY Expansion is really cared by the Department of Training and Education. Mr. Tu – specialist of the Can Tho Department of Training and Education also came to the opening ceremony in this occasion.

Action- good, Environment- good, Health- good, All – WINDY!

201511TOT2.jpgWarming activityAt the beginning, Mr. Binh of Le Binh Secondary School controlled the class with some slogans such as Action- good, Environment- good, Health- good, All – WINDY! Warming by saying these slogans made the class more interesting and ready for a day of training. All of the teachers who were responsible for this training course were professional and experienced in teaching methods. So, they were easy to ask students to follow them.

201511TOT4.jpgSchool teachers play a role of WINDY facilitators.201511TOT3.jpgDoing action checklist exercise.In action checklist exercise we could find a house that was opposite with the training venue, so it took only five minutes to get there.
For Agricultural subject, students seemed to be not familiar with this subject because they live in the environs. Therefore, they lack knowledge about that subject. However, they could catch up with the teachers’ instructions. As a result, students could understand and do effectively.
In this training course, most of the teachers prepared the contents for teaching very carefully. They inserted many new pictures into their training materials which made the students interested in. Moreover, the most impression about the training course was the SIC game, the students were very eager to join. In this game, the teacher gave clear instructions about the game with 3 purposes that was cheap, Simple, and intelligent. The teachers used the pictures from internet which were close to students’ life. In five minutes, students could choose and give their ideas in front of the class.
For group work activities, each teacher was responsible for each group. This was a good point because they could explain some difficult aspects as well as to manage the group.
Using the lunch time for discussion to get experience for the afternoon sessions was very necessary. For this time, all the lecturers and the facilitators got together to give good points and some points should be improved.
201511TOT8.jpgAction plan presentation.201511TOT7.jpgRelaxing performance. After relaxing time, students also thought very carefully about their action plans. Then, they wrote down and presented in front all of their classmates about their action plans.
In general, this is the most successful of WINDY EXPANSION that we have ever had, we impressed the great contribution of the organizers, the facilitators, the active teachers of Le Binh Secondary School, especially the lovely students who all make the training course with great results.

“Study, study more, study forever.”
Vladimir Lenin


Ms. Kim Phung (GREEN team member)