Achievement33 of WINDY Vietnam

Luu Huu phuoc.jpg

Luu Huu Phuoc High School

IMG_4667.JPGDust box in the class.IMG_4665.JPGDust box in the class.IMG_4673.JPGUse reusable materials to teaching of electric circuit.IMG_4680.JPGTeachers apply WINDY methodology into their daily teaching.

IMG_4683.JPGStudents carried their improvements to school.IMG_4693.JPGStudents carried their improvements to school.IMG_4706.JPGA storage on the study desk.IMG_4727.JPGA pen stand made by used paper.

IMG_4758.JPGGreen environment in the garden.IMG_4735.JPGBeautiful flowers made by used plastic bottles.IMG_4724.JPGClassify garbages for recycle.IMG_4710.JPGAttach labels on electric switches.

IMG_4780.JPGAttach labels on electric swithes. IMG_4768.JPGDecolation in a study corner.IMG_4774.JPGA storage on the study desk. IMG_4778.JPGA dust box.

IMG_1063.jpgUse an electric bike.IMG_1015.jpgPlant flowers at study corner.IMG_1053.jpgWall decorations.IMG_1019.jpgmade a toy.