Achievement34 of WINDY Vietnam

Nguyen Viet Dung.jpg

Nguyen Viet Dung High School

IMG_4883.JPGStudents brought their improvements to the class.IMG_4887.JPGDecolation by used materials.IMG_4872.JPGThere are many improvements.IMG_4876.JPGThe school plans to make WINDY exhibition hall.

IMG_4973.JPGGreen grass and water supply kit made by used CoCa Cola bottle.IMG_4915.JPGA pen case. IMG_4958.JPGDecolation lighting made from used plastic spoons.IMG_4964.JPGWiFi Amplifier made by used beer can.

IMG_4899.JPGOrganic manure of coconut rind.IMG_4903.JPGHanging dryed fruit peer in protect from mosquitos.IMG_4895.JPGLabeling to seasonings.IMG_4912.JPGMade new papers from old papers.

IMG_4940.JPGClassyfy garbages.IMG_4907.JPGGreen evvironment.IMG_4917.JPGLabeling on book shelves. IMG_4936.JPGMade tissues' case by used paper.

NVD24.jpgMaking a home for kitchen tools.IMG_0845.jpgAn accecory case by used papers. NVD38.jpgPlanting organic vegetables.IMG_0841.jpgMade a pen case.