Achievement34 Copy of WINDY Vietnam

Le Binh.jpg

Le Binh Junior High School

IMG_4993.JPGA teacher made world time table by used papers.IMG_4996.JPGStudents made water circulation model by reusable materials. IMG_4999.JPGMade dagerous sign in cooperate with elder sister. IMG_5002.JPGAttach labels to seasonings.

IMG_5003.JPGDust box in the study corner.IMG_5017.JPGAttach labels on book shelves.IMG_5018.JPGMade a flower pot.IMG_5038.JPGStorage for stationary.

IMG_5040.JPGLabels to kitchen boxes.IMG_5023.JPGMade a home for study tools.IMG_5041.JPGAttach sigins to electricity switches.IMG_5042.JPGSave water.

LB7.jpgAttach labels to electricity.IMG_5008.jpgMade a paper storage box.IMG_0803.jpgMade a storage using old papers.IMG_0793.jpgApply to mathematics study.

IMG_0774.jpgFlower decoration.IMG_6047.jpgmade a key holderLB23.jpgAttach instructions to electricity switches.LB42.jpgPlant flowers .