Achievement36 of WINDY Vietnam

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Ngo Quyen Junior High School

IMG_6017.JPGAttach labels to a home storage.IMG_6022.JPGLabeling to a book shelf.IMG_6019.JPGMade 2 types of voltage signs to the electricity switches. IMG_6039.JPGAttach labels to seasonings.

IMG_6015.JPGMade a storage by used woods materials. IMG_6028.JPGSave electricity.IMG_6064.JPGElectricity danger signs.IMG_6054.JPGA storage for stationary.

IMG_6063.JPGLabels to kitchen seasonings.IMG_6001.JPGClassyfy garbages and attached signs.IMG_6068.JPGA toothbrush storage by an used plastic bottle.IMG_6066.JPGSave water.

IMG_6040.JPGKeep recyclable resources.IMG_6070.JPGKeep recyclable resources.IMG_6058.JPGPlanting flowers for good environment.IMG_6042.JPGPlanting flowers for good environment.

IMG_6033.jpgWall decoration at study corner.IMG_6035.jpgA dust box attached instruction. IMG_0915.jpg Made a decorated study tool box.IMG_6005.jpgPlant flowers.