WINDY Training of Trainers(TOT) workshop held from 17 to 20 June

Taking the success of the last TOT courses, six months passed by from the achievement workshop in January, 2016, once more time thank to the support of Japan Global Funds of Environment Protection, the Rector of Cantho Medical College(CMC), and Can Tho Department of Education and Training, GREEN team could continue to conduct the fourth and the fifth TOT courses for the project: “Organizing Training of Trainers program in expanding environment protection program for Young generation in the Mekong Delta” successfully.

IMG_9915.JPGWith the suggestion of Dr. Tang from Can Tho Department of Education and Training, the two courses was organized in 4 days continuously (17,18 of June, 2016 and 19,20 of June, 2016) at Bui Huu Nghia High School with 48 teachers. Most of them are young and enthusiastic. Therefore, they could follow the lecturer’s instructions easily. They are from An Thoi Secondary School, Long Tuyen Secondary School, Bui Huu Nghia High School, and Binh Thuy High School.
Thank to Can Tho Department of Education and Training’s staff members, they are bridges to connect CMC with these schools. For these courses, it has a good collection because most of the schools are near the center of the city. To have this result, we also need to say thank to the facilitators who devoted their time and their efforts for this program.

IMG_9914.JPGThe checklist exercise house is near the training venue, that selected by a teacher of Bui Huu Nghia High School. The house’s atmosphere is very green and very great for the teachers to do the action checklist. Moreover, the host of the house is also the head teacher of Binh Thuy Secondary School, so she understands and is willing to help.
The content of this course is very close to the teachers. The main points of the content are easy to understand and easy to apply. This is a strong point to make the course interesting to the teachers. Moreover, each school was led by the leader during the training course, and contributed the importance of the course. Besides, they helped the organizers to control their staff well.

However, we could not deny some drawbacks of the course. First of all, this is the summer time, most of the teachers are enjoying their trips, their vacations, or the exams at their schools. So, to collect all of them to come to the training course met some problems at the beginning. Second, this course did not organize at CMC, so our GREEN team members faced some difficulties of preparation. Moreover, this is the rainy season in Can Tho City, it is rather hard for teachers to come to the training class.
The coming plans of these schools are many things to discuss about. They promised to open the WINDY at their school in the near time. They planed the WINDY courses may fall in July to October depending on their school’s conditions.

After learning this program, all of the teachers can understand the importance of environment protection and Participatory Action Oriented Training techniques. They will apply this program into their majors, they will change their teaching styles after they joined in this training course.
In general, this training course is really successful with the cooperation of the leaders of Can Tho Department of Education and Training. Hopefully, from these TOT courses will promise the great results from their schools through the achievement of the pupils.

  • By Ms. Kim Phung