Achievement37 of WINDY Vietnam

Binh Thuy.jpg

Binh Thuy High School

IMG_8050.JPGAttach labels to seasonings.IMG_8045.JPGCover to text books.IMG_8048.JPGGreen environment in a study corner. IMG_8046.JPGMake a pen case using reusable materials.

IMG_8065.JPGMade a storage by used materials. IMG_8073.JPGSave electricity.IMG_8061.JPGMade a storage by used cardboard.IMG_8063.JPGMade a toy.

IMG_8098.JPGWaste classification.IMG_8097.JPGmade a shoes storage.IMG_8088.JPGMade a pen stand.IMG_8081.JPGSave electricity.

Binh Thuy1.jpgA chalk box in a class room.Binh Thuy6.jpgSave electricity mark.Binh Thuy3.jpgPlanting flowers for good environment.Binh Thuy5.jpgPlanting flowers in a classroom.

Binh Thuy2.jpgClassroom decoration.Binh Thuy4.jpgClassroom decoration.Binh Thuy7.jpgClassroom decoration.Binh Thuy8.jpgClassroom decoration.