Achievement38 of WINDY Vietnam

Anh Thoi.jpg

Anh Thoi Junior High School

Anh Thoi1.jpgMade a moble storage.Anh Thoi2.jpgBeautiful decoration.Anh Thoi3.jpgGreen environment in a house. Anh Thoi4.jpgGarbage boxes using cardboards.

IMG_8835.JPGWell-arranged study corner.IMG_8836.JPGAttach Labels to a study desk.IMG_8832.JPGGarbages collection.IMG_8845.JPGA study curriculum table.

IMG_8852.JPGLabels to kitchen seasonings.IMG_8851.JPGClassyfy garbages.IMG_8844.JPGGood arrangement of a study corner. IMG_8849.JPGSave electricity.

IMG_8850.JPGA small storage for study tools.IMG_8857.JPGAn illuminated toy.IMG_8855.JPGIllumination at the house.IMG_8864.JPGReusable aarbages' collection .

IMG_8862.JPGA mobile phone storage near electricity.IMG_8861.JPGKeep study tools neat and tidy.IMG_8878.JPGSave electricity.IMG_8875.JPGProtect from splashing cooking oil.