Achievement40 of WINDY Vietnam

Bui huu Nghia.jpg

Bui Huu Nghia High School

IMG_8903.JPGPlanting floweres in school yards.IMG_8881.JPGGreen environment in classrooms.P1040626.JPGGreen environment in classrooms.P1040627.JPGGreen environment in classrooms.

P1040625.JPGMade beautiful flowers in a school. P1040624.JPGSave electricity in a classroom.IMG_8914.JPGA device for catching rats.IMG_8915.JPGSave electricity,

IMG_8918.JPGLabels to text books.IMG_8919.JPGClassyfy garbages and attached labels.IMG_8921.JPGAttach labels to kitichen seasonings.IMG_8922.JPGPlant greens.

IMG_8934.JPGMade a bookrack using used cardboards.IMG_8937.JPGFixed local lights using crips.IMG_8931.JPGLabels to seasonings.IMG_8927.JPGPut labels to a study desk.

IMG_8946.JPGCreate a beautiful light using reusable materials. IMG_8951.JPGMade compost for planting.IMG_8947.JPGLabels to seasonings.IMG_8949.JPGGreen environmentin a garden.

IMG_8952.JPGKeep reusable waste in a special box. IMG_8957.JPGLabeling in easy to distinguishable. IMG_8962.JPGMade a plastic cover to cups and dishes.IMG_8966.JPGMove a study desk to delighted space.